Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How much time.

How much time do you need to hook two screws into a painting and deck up your bedroom wall? Lift the hammer, pop it in the wall. Like, phataa-phat. 10 minutes. Then your life becomes relaxed, you have these beautiful Monets and MithunDa poster paintings singing you sweet lullabys to put you to sleep. Like Mona Lisa's sweet smile or Mithunda's sweaty laal rumaal, soothing you, hush baba hush. I mean, life will change. Freaking. Then why ! why ! tell me that we have not hooked it up yet? Freaking we got these paintings 6 months ago. Its lying in a half-unpacked box in a very visible corner of the house. No effort is taken to move the paintings, hide them, hook them up, nothing. Guests come and guests go, they all watch it, get a little curious then try to pass it off as if its not a big deal. Probably declaring me as lazy and unorganized, which I am. Sejal is getting to be one too, living with me. After a couple years she will lose it too. Returning to the topic, when will I hook it up? Newsflash. I am not hooking it up. I call it half naked modern art. Freaking.

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