Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gotta have one mindless rant.

Please stop reading this if you cannot tolerate junk talk and filthy language. The best part of life is a bank balance. Of course, the worst part is also a bank balance. Freaking you hate money at one instance and then freaking you love it. I spent a big chunk of my life in Mumbai plus I am a Gujju so everything I do is eventually for money ; everything. I wouldn't take a crap if it didn't save me money in terms of doctor's bills. Ok, going off topic, right about now. For money, becoming a bhai is acceptable too. But then nobody is going to get scared of a balding Gujju bhai, so can't be that. But that brings up another good point, all the top bhais of Mumbai are total chakkhas. Their voices, their looks are so feminine. They wear such colorful clothes. No big bhai looks like a scary movie bhai. Here are a couple, Dawood-anna and Chotee Shakeela....
I digress. Moving on. In search of money. Engineer ban jaa, doctor ke liye terepass dimaag nahi. Engineer banaa to ideological gaandu ban gayaa. Badi badi baat, uski tho. Poverty hatao, politicis gundaa hain, blah blah. US mein MS karne aaya, Nobel prize jeetega. Tera baap baitha hain naa uppar tereko Nobel dega? Ek se ek badhkar baithe hain idhar. Chal phut. Theek hain, ijjat se job karenge, paisa kamaaenge, mast aaram. To waapas, money money money. Bhukkad saala. Phir paisa aaya to its not a big deal. Paisa gayaa to aaila, maa ki aankh! Saala emotional roller-coaster constantly. Hippie Austin mein rahke job karke thoda thanda hua, to company IPO jaati hain. Waapas money money money. Stock uppar uppar jaata hain to dil hoon hoon kare, ghabraaye; khopdi dhan dhan kare, khul jaaye. (song from the movie Rudali, what a junk movie,who makes such movies, ok I haven't watched it yet). Anyway. Phir stock girtaa hain to sapna toot gayaa. Thats a different story alltogether, read the one towards the beginning of my blog. Bola chhod, kaaheko maatha-phodi, kaam karo. To thoda kaam kiya. Waapis thanda hua, money crazy gone, resigned to my fate, to doosri company (ekdum chakaa-chak company bolta hain baap) phone karke nayaa job ka offer. Job change, doosri company gayaa to uskaa stock bhaaga. Saala almost double ho gayaa. Uski maa ki. But can't sell due to restrictions. Waapas, dil hoon hoon. Abhi aaj date hain 2nd october 2007. Idharich bolega. Next year same date pe stock agar double nahi hua to main samajh jaayega, bhagwaan apun ke saath game khel rela hain. Bhagwaan, tu hain, tu hain. Sorry tereko itna ignore maara. Bus kar bhagwan, bus kar. (Collapses with the dumroo tied to his feet. The taandav is over. Dukaan bandh.)


Deepa said...

Ok, did you forget to have those little yellow pills?

Pulkit said...

Yes, sorry. I got them now. Feel better.