Saturday, February 14, 2009

Repetitive lines in qawwali.

Just something interesting I figured -
The origin of qawwali was without any repetitive lines. Like the song would start and end real soon, in one shot. People weren't paying much for it. The wordings and feelings were beautiful but the artists weren't able to capitalize on this and they were living meagerly. One little newbie punk thought of a revolutionary idea and figured they could bore the audience a little bit and then excite them a little bit. Bold idea because audience can get real nasty sometimes. They tried it one day by saying something like "Artist needs encouragement for singing, so please shower them with $blessings$".  It worked. The Artist would start singing and start repeating the same line without moving forward and some audience would go to the stage and shower them with $blessings$. And hence came the repetitions.  Now its an art form, in the Indian/Pakistan royal gharaanas who still pursue such fading but unbelievably brilliant  art forms of India. "Thoda abhi, thoda baadmein."

Another random etiquette if you ever go to a qawwali concert - don't ever "throw" money on the performers. They are very respected and there is no direct contact with them. Walk slowly towards them, smiling, with respect and leave the money near his feet. You can dance a little bit if you want. You can usually tell the novices from the gharaanawaalas by how respectful they are.

Blog quality

I use a service that tells me what people search for when they end up on my blog. At first I didn't pay much attention to it but now the more I analyze it the more concerned I get. It seems some considerable amount of interesting people are landing on my blog. I am sure many of the readers are perfectly normal people but I seriously doubt the purpose of these random people and their lifestyles who land on my blog after google searches. Here a few terms that led to my blog, mainly from Mumbai and Delhi....

how to get desi aunty in bed.
punjabi aunty love.
chikni girls of dombivli in train.
thoking kaamwaali bai.
pyaari si sexy teacher on bed lying nanga on bed loving loving.

getting tution teacher history Padma to cry
Making neighbour boy loving not hating
doing hiding pyaar in baaju waala green park.
bad smell sandhaas of wife

I am wondering what kind of junk am I writing that this is happening. I need to write more sensible stuff like emotions, passions, dreams, love, heartbreak, ambition, altruism, higher goals, achieving your true potential, being strong and kind, but never never never never never ......trying to get tution teacher Padma to cry!