Friday, July 20, 2007

Work, Work, Work

Its Friday evening. My wife is with her aunt. She is supposed to pick me up later. I have 2 hours and nothing to do. A lot to be done but nothing to do. I see some people running around the hallway looking important. There are always people running around at work. I don't recall ever running around. I wonder why. Is it because I just work better or is it because I work lesser? There are times when I absolutely do not work. 2 hours (sometimes more) per day. I wonder if they all have times like these. I want to ask them but since I've just started the job I can't act stupid. Maybe later.
I wonder how many people love their jobs. I mean really love their jobs. Like every morning they get excited about work and have everything planned out for the day. How must that feel. Looking forward to work. Having a thousand ideas for improvement, to be more productive, faster, better. Out of all the people I know, I can say a total of one may fall in that category. Everybody else I know is just doing a job. Considering you spend 75% of your waking time at work, and considering that I have about 30 more years of work left, can life really be that boring? Does it have to be? Are you wiling to take a risk to change it? Do something you like to do? Be one of those shiny, happy people? Work as if thats what you were born to do?

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