Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mumbai Dabbawallas

Enough with the dabbawallas already. A million and forty seven articles have been written in excruciating detail about their greatness. All management schools practically worship them. If you are an MBA student you gotta have atleast one picture of you wearing a gandhi-topi and posing with them. Prince Charles invited them for his wedding or something. What are they getting in return? Are they charging any fees to distribute their wisdom? Can they increase their charges for dabba delivery? Do people give them more room in trains to ease their discomfort? Do cars stop by to let them pass on the streets? Is the Mumbai public really enamoured by them? Are their standards of living getting better? Are they taking real advantage of the so called "skill" that they have? Will they be able to afford good education for their kids? No. The rude reality is that they are poor and will remain poor. The world will keep praising them and they will keep getting poorer. Its like a consolation prize, "hey, we won't we won't make it any better for you but we will write about you and treat you like God". Majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi.

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