Thursday, July 26, 2007

Newton's law of inertia

I am thoroughly convinced that Newton was correct. Not only in physics but in all aspects of existence. What is happening currently will keep happening unless something drastic is done to change it. Rich will get richer, poor will get poorer. Happy people will get happier, sad people will get sadder. Developing countries will get all the problems of the world and the developed ones will get all the benefits. Escalating violence in poor but oil-rich countries will make the wealthy countries wealthier. Heck, in one report even global warming is supposed to bring in a fortune to rich countries (because it makes the weather in colder places milder, increasing tourism, economy, etc.) and will make the poor countries suffer. Natural disasters will hit poor countries more often and more seriously than rich countries. In terms of people I know, the poor ones always seem to have more problems than the rich ones (and I mean real problems, not flimsy issues like love, heartbreak, etc.).
Basically if you are lagging in a race in the beginning you will typically lag forever. If your grades are not good in the first few semesters of your education, they will not be any different in the future. If you are fat you will continue to grow fatter. If your company is struggling for business , it will continue to struggle. If its doing well, it will continue so.
.....unless something drastic happens to change the course of your progression (and some companies and people can do that) you will not get out of your misery (or opulence) anytime soon. Newton rocks.

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