Saturday, September 29, 2007

Love the ugly.

This article is not for the faint of heart. Please stop reading this if you cannot tolerate graphic depictions. Imagine a tiny cheap half-broken 10 paise rubber band. Imagine it has been in the hair of atleast twenty-five Indian women until it finally gave way and broke. So the amount of oil and hair stuck on it is significant. Please stop reading now. Now imagine it has been dragged and trampled on in the ladies compartment for about five years straight. Its pretty lifeless but not dead yet; there are still some residual hints of elasticity and color; it was bright yellow at one time now its mostly black with a faint tinge of yellow. If you've come this far, don't go away now. Imagine this somehow gets stuck to a little boy's feet. The boy sees it for the first time;its still stuck to his feet. Mashed up snugly on his heels. Not going anywhere. Just happy to have found a place to die peacefully after all. The boy immediately understands the situation and decides to protect the poor rubber band. He carries it around on his heels for a couple days. He doesn't wash his heels lest the rubber band falls off. He plays with it secretly; plays with whatever is left of its lousy elasticity. Eventually people around him puzzled by his behaviour learn about this activity. They are shocked at the disgusting little piece stuck on the boy's feet. They plead and cajole the boy to give it up. Then they force him to give it up. They replace the ugly rubber band with a brand new shiny one. The boy doesn't like it. He wanted the ugly one. He has avoided rubber bands ever since. Serious.


Smruti said...

of course he will. boys don't wear rubber bands.

Pulkit said...