Friday, August 24, 2007

Aap ka Kusoor

Are a majority of Indians getting dumber by the day? Yea, sure, the booming economy and India Shining and American accent and consumerism and blah blah blah is all good, I get that. But the quality of movies that comes out of Bollywood, pretty much the only mode of mass entertainment for Indians, is getting so ridiculous that there are no expressions left to describe the deep scars they leave on your mind. In the past 10 years, try as I may, I can recount a total of only about 10 movies that have been a hit in India *and* are worth watching IMHO. Ok fine, everyone has different standards for good and crap but there has to be some amount of basic intelligence that an audience should demand in the movie. The type of desi movies that have done well is shocking. I thought about it quiet a bit and concluded that there can only be two reasons- either I (and my friends) are getting to be a bunch of old farts or Indians are getting dumber. To sort this out I gathered much courage and rented the movie "Aap Ka Suroor" by Himmesh Reshmiya the nasal-singing sensation. He is a hit in the music world, people love him, I've got no problems with that. The movie is a hit and I have got problems with that. I finished the movie in three sittings because otherwise I would have died of an overdose. The actors could not act even if their lives depended on it. Their facial expressions were just like the story; non-existent. There was supposed to be a suspense but it started and ended only in the last ten minutes and it wasn't really a suspense,but I don't want to go there as my blood pressure shoots up when I think about it. As expected, Himmesh did not take his cap off in the movie. Did you know he is bald? That guy has never taken his cap off in his whole life, ever. Even while he is getting beaten up and thrashed around, his cap never comes off. Even in the jail they have a special cap for him to match the jail clothes. Takla saala. The lead actress and comedian are better left undiscussed. I don't want to waste cyber space talking about them. In short it was a movie that should not have been made or watched. Its an insult to intelligence. Himmesh, I know you are reading this, chhote chhote bacche yeh blog padhte hain isiliye gaali nahi doonga. Pyaar mohobbat se samjhata hoon, teri maa ki, hum ko kya chu**ya samjha hain? Saale takle, gaana gaa, picture mat banaa. Mera paisa aur timepass waapis kar.
Yet, its a hit. I cannot believe this. The movie critics are also *not* declaring it as a POS that it is. They are giving it average to good ratings. I have seen old Mithun movies and even they were not this bad ( I was a Mithun fan for a brief moment). I can only arrive at one conclusion. The majority of Indians are getting dumber. Sorry.


karan said...

i agree!!!

Sonam said...

himessss resssamiyaa...sala gujju bhai...i cant believe u watched this movie!!!.. :O...