Friday, January 9, 2009


    At the risk of offending some Amir Khan fanatics I will go ahead and say Ghajini was a total letdown. Mindless violence (if I really wanted just gore there is much better stuff out there), Amir's weird angry contorted facial expressions, Asin's cheesy acting and her countless repetitive dialogues on how Sanjay Singhania fell for her, her oh-so-touching "help the apaahijh people" nature (I am sure even a guy like Ghajini would help a blind person cross the street if he ever came across him), Amir's business attire with tight-sleeves folded all the way to his neck (like a sexy blouse or as if he was going to win a business deal not by his intelligence but by scaring the competitors with his biceps), his computer generated toned body (come on, you are Amir not Salman, thankfully), the endless songs that started at the drop of a hat and the sheer elastic length of the movie, saala itna kheecha phir bhi khatam hi nahi hota.
    The only saving grace was Mr. Ghajini himself. I awoke from my stupor only when he came on screen. I was almost cheering when he busted Asin's head and was hoping in the end he emerges the victor but was letdown again when Amir busted his head instead. After watching Rang De Basanti and Taarein Zameen Par and after all the hype of Ghajini I was expecting something much more engaging. Something that kept me on the edge of my seat by its intelligence (like Memento from which Ghajini is supposedly copied) and not by heads being smashed with iron rods. If you like that kind of stuff (and I do too but at a much gorier level) watch Hostel by Eli Roth and many more like those. In such movies you know what you are going in for and you get exactly that. You don't feel cheated. 
    In Ghajini I felt cheated by Amir. I was like the sage Vishwamitra who was calm and happy because I had mastered the art of saving lots of money by steering clear of watching horrible Bollywood movies in expensive theaters. But then came along Amir in the form of Menka the seductress. He performed a nangaa naach showing off his six-pack abs and tatoos in the previews and glimpses of how thrilling this movie is going to be. It broke my meditation and forced me to buy the tickets and then he fed me this horrendous tamasha and after seeing my sorry face and empty wallet rolled on the floor laughing and screaming "yay tereko chutiya banayaa, yay yay yay!".

Chaila dus dollar barbaad. Huh.


Anonymous said...

Dude.. watch 'Memento'. The original movie is a classic. As usual, Bollywood fucks up when copying movies.

Pulkit said...

Yeah , I mentioned Memento in this post. Good movie. But I think it has to be dumbed down for Indian audience. The entire process of things going in the reverse just won't fly with our people. They will be like "gaandu, poora picture ulta thaa, paisa waapis karo"