Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McCain for president !

I hope McCain wins this one (heck, anyone but Democrats). I am not saying this to simply go against popular sentiments but after understanding the democrats' stand on global trade it scares me to imagine Obama as the President. If Obama wins (and actually implements what he claims today) it will be a serious dampener on global trade that will adversely affect outsourcing and cause some major global industries (manufacturing, technology, exports) to suffer. Obama and Clinton fired up popular and illinformed sentiments about "saving American jobs" and got tremendous support from the public. But they conveniently ignored numerous reports that show that globalization is ultimately good for the country. A few do suffer but for the majority of Americans it has turned out to be a boon. People get so emotional deciding who leads the country that they completely forget the economical implications if someone like Obama or Clinton takes over the White House. They get so swept over by the romantic, rebellious, screw-the-big-old-white-boys-club feelings that they are ready to elect somebody, anybody, "different" regardless of what policies they advocate or how it will affect the country in the long run.
Globalization is good. It helps the world and Americans stand to benefit the most from cheaper goods. Don't stop it now. McCain for president. Heck anyone but Democrats!

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