Sunday, December 9, 2007

Its getting cold out there

To all my east coast and surrounding area friends, I hear its getting ridiculously cold out there. Dirty snow, slippery roads, multi-layered jackets, you haven't showered in ages, holed up in crappy apartments all day long. I've got a song to cheer you up...

When it gets dark and lonely,
and its always freaking cold only.
You are thinking of sunny days,
but God has her funny ways,
The snow outsite climbs in inches,
maa kasam the thandi pinches.
All you crave is chai-garam,
but your spirit is totally naram.
East coast, about its culture, does boast,
chaila, now you are dreaming of the west coast?

Anyhow, I can totally relate to you. Its freaking 75 F here on the west coast today. I am thinking of putting on my shorts and going for a jog. Ah, the good life.


Smruti said...

1) I hate you
2) I would've liked that poem and given you props for writing it if i didn't hate you.

Pulkit said...

Thanks. I try to help.

Sonam said...

haha..thanks for those kind words...

p.s. good poem!...

Pulkit said...

Thanks. I feel the love.